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About us

What Can We Do For You?

We are a company dedicated to publishing highly-researched software reviews and recommending the right software for your needs based on your business requirements.

This does not just stop here. We also help you get exclusive coupon codes that can help you get massive discounts on your order.

It’s hard to choose the right software. Do you know why? It’s because the companies won’t tell you what they lack. They will just highlight the pros of their product. What about the cons?

The other reason is fake customer reviews. If it’s a good review, it’s probably written by the company itself. In case it’s a bad review, chances are that review is written by one of their competitors. Not all companies do this, but a lot of them do. How to trust? This is true even for the most popular customer review platforms.

A bigger reason is misleading blog posts. This is again true for a lot of bloggers out there. Either the articles are AI-written or paraphrased from multiple different sources. Reading those are just going to waste your time. Instead. Just read our research-driven, completely human-written (you can check with AI-detectors) blogs, or even better, just drop us a mail, and we will find the right software/tool for you.

Not just this, If you are starting out your own business, we can also guide you by referring you to some of the best blog posts, videos, and courses that you can learn from.

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What Problems Do We Solve at Nachiketan?

We found some important problems and are on a mission to solve them.

Here is the list of problems –

Fake AI-Generated Content: has flooded the internet. You don’t need bots trained on data before 2021 to give you business advice. Right?

Fake Paraphrased or AI-Generated Reviews: This does not just include customer reviews but review articles, too (not all). What is the point of reading the same fake content on every other site?

Hidden Fees by Companies & Loopholes: Suppose you subscribe to a hosting service for $200. After you pay for it, you see they are not offering enough storage. When you ask them, they show you their ‘Terms and Conditions’, which you hit ‘Accept All’ without a second thought.

This happens more than you can imagine and is very common, even with a lot of popular companies.

Why not take a free expert opinion first? And BTW, we are Super Quick Too.

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Reasons To Choose Nachiketan

Highly Selective

We very carefully select the best software and tools only. We have 20 times more tools in our Blacklist than the ones we have accepted to work with. We only choose the ones worth choosing. We make sure you don’t get any surprises or shocks after you make a purchase. 

Quality Blog Posts

If you are here, I definitely recommend you check out our blog posts. Just pick up any article from your niche, and you will know how specific we are when it comes to choosing tools and software and the research we have done behind them. 

Free Consulting

We don’t charge you anything at all. Also, we are quick. All you have to do is tell us what you are looking for and a little about your business, and based on that, we will tell you everything we can to help your business and the tool(s) you will need with discounts and coupon codes.