Best Hosting Providers in 2023

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According to the May 2019 report of FinancesOnline, there are over 338,561 web hosting providers worldwide. That is an insanely huge number, right? This makes it challenging to choose the right host.

Let me tell you this very clearly, most of them are not worth even looking at. To save you some time, I have made this list for you. 

In this article, with the help of my research team at Nachiketan, I have selected the Best Hosting Providers (Shared Web Hosting) after reviewing more than 1200 of them, judging based on more than 50 factors.

Note: This article is written keeping in mind the best shared web hosting providers. For other types of hosting providers. these hosting providers would work just fine but it is recommended that you consult with us for free first before committing to your hosting provider.

Verdict Coming Early – The Only 3 Web Hosting Companies That You Will Need

There are only 3 shared web hosting providers that are worthy of your time and money in the market. I am not kidding. If you read this article to the end, you will know it’s true.

Here they are – 

  1. Hostinger – Most Affordable & Most Beginner Friendly (Extremely Affordable).
  2. GreenGeeks  – Best for Agencies & Small Businesses (Costly).
  3. Cloudways – It has the qualities of both Hostinger & GreenGeeks in balance (Extremely Costly).

Need to know more? Keep Reading. 

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Just click on any of these if you wish and jump right there.

Best Hosting Providers

#3 Hostinger Web Hosting Service:

Hostinger Shared Web Hosting Review - Server Locations, Pros, Cons, and Our Ratings -  One of The Best Hosting Providers
  • Hostinger Pricing for My Recommended Plan – ‘Business Web’ Starting at $3.99 per month for a 2-year plan renewing at $9.99 per month.
  • Who is Hostinger For? – BEGINNERS.
  • Who is Hostinger Not Recommended for? – USERS WITH HIGH-TRAFFIC WEBSITES

If you are someone who is just starting out, Hostinger is for you. Hostinger is not the best hosting provider in the market, but it is certainly the BEST FOR BEGINNERS.

Hostinger is widely recognized in the hosting business for being the EASIEST TO USE, thanks to its legendary beginner-friendly hPanel (All other hosting providers use the traditional cPanel), and for being the MOST AFFORDABLE host. 

Hostinger also has agency plans, but there are better options for agencies and high-traffic websites. It’s not that it does not do a good job; it’s just that there are better alternatives for high-traffic websites. 

What Makes Hostinger the Best For Beginners? 

  • Most affordable pricing plans.
  • They also have a completely free website hosting plan from 000Webhost.
  • Includes all basic hosting needs (you won’t have to pay anything extra for basic services).
  • Easiest to use. The most beginner-friendly hPanel.  
  • Helpful articles in the knowledge base and videos in tutorials (especially for beginners).
  • Quick and responsive 24/7 customer support (Ready to guide you at every step).
  • Feature-rich with a special focus on security (Cloudflare-protected Nameservers)
  • Automates your backups and helps restore in one-click
  • Unlimited free and easy site migrations
  • Easy staging options
  • Free online courses (web development, digital marketing, eCommerce, and more).
  • Free website builder.

Hostinger Cons

Hostinger is not recommended for high-traffic websites. This is because it has limited advanced features, limited storage disk space, and it is limited in speed & performance as well. 

Need to Know More About Hostinger Before Making A Decision? Read out our Hostinger Review.

For agencies and small businesses, I recommend GreenGeeks, and

For enterprises and big businesses, I recommend Cloudways. 

If you need everything Hostinger offers and are not a beginner, the next web hosting provider is for you. 

#2 GreenGeeks Web Hosting Service:

GreenGeeks Shared Web Hosting Review - Server Locations, Pros, Cons, and Our Ratings -  One of The Best Hosting Providers
  • GreenGeeks Pricing for My Recommended Plan – ‘Pro’ Starting at $4.95 per month for a 1-year plan renewing at $15.95 per month.
  • Who is GreenGeeks Not Recommended For? – EXTREME BEGINNERS

If you already have some knowledge about hosting websites, and this is not your first time choosing a host, then GreenGeeks is for you. If you have a website(s) with HIGH-TRAFFIC and are looking for BETTER PERFORMANCE & SPEED, then GreenGeeks is for you.

GreenGeeks has many advanced features that any other host currently cannot offer. All these features, and KNOWLEDGEABLE TECHNICAL CUSTOMER SUPPORT, make GreenGeeks one of the most developer-friendly hosts in the business. 

GreenGeeks also gives a special focus on security, making it one of the most secure hosts. And, of course, GreenGeeks is the greenest hosting provider in the business. It is NOT destroying the environment, INSTEAD saving it by matching the energy three times and planting a tree for every subscriber. 

What Makes GreenGeeks The Best for Users With High-Traffic Websites?

  • Backups are available daily.
  • Unmetered bandwidth, so you don’t have to worry about traffic.
  • Fast speeds are because of global data centers spread across the world.
  • All basic and advanced features are included.
  • Highly reliable with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • 24/7 DDoS protection and network monitoring security.
  • Easy and quick application installer (For 150+ apps offered by GreenGeeks).
  • The MOST ECO-FRIENDLY HOST. It matches 300% green energy. 
  • Plants one tree for each subscriber. 
  • LSCache and Redis caching technologies are used. 
  • 24/7/365 knowledgeable customer support available.
  • Managed WordPress included.

GreenGeeks Cons

However, GreenGeeks is COSTLY for low-traffic websites and beginners. Also, its interface is a little difficult to understand better by extreme beginners. 

Need to know more before making a decision? Check out our in-depth GreenGeeks Review to be sure.

If you are a beginner, Hostinger is for you. 

If you are an expert, GreenGeeks is for you. 

Some of you may feel like you need something between these two—where you can get a good UI (User Interface) and performance. 


The next hosting provider is for you.  

#1 Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting Service:

Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting Review - Server Locations, Pros, Cons, and Our Ratings -  One of The Best Hosting Providers
  • Cloudways Pricing for My Recommended Plan – ‘Digital Ocean Premium Plan 3 ’ Starting at $50 per month and renewing at the same rate (Hourly pricing also available)
  • Who is Cloudways Not Recommended For? – THOSE ON A TIGHT BUDGET

Cloudways is the MOST COMFORTABLE HOST. It feels like retirement. With Cloudways, it’s like paying and forgetting all your stress. Cloudways has everything you need and is perfect for corporations and big businesses that do not like much hassle and need comfort.

Note that Cloudways is different than Hostinger and GreenGeeks. They both are Web Hosting Providers, while Cloudways is a Managed Cloud Hosting Provider. As the name suggests, a managed hosting provider manages everything for you, so you don’t have to take any headaches. Since they are taking your headache, they are costlier too. 

Cloudways is also the kind of host that you can stay put with for the rest of your life. Once you start hosting with Cloudways, it will feel like home, and you will not want to opt-out. The reason is it’s perfect. You won’t be disappointed. If you try and leave it, you will have difficulty settling in with other hosts as they won’t be able to match Cloudways’s level.

Imagine getting a housemaid that does all your chores daily for 3 years and suddenly leaves. Now you have to do everything by yourself. That is exactly how you will feel after leaving Cloudways. 

If you don’t know the field, you don’t like putting your hands in the mess. With other hosting providers, you might have to, but not with Cloudways. It’s very easy to use, and you can always get help quickly in no time.

Complete beginners can also go for Cloudways. But before getting into it, make sure you can afford it in the long run because, as I said, once you start with Cloudways, you wouldn’t want to leave.

What Makes Cloudways Best For Corporations & Big Businesses?

  • The best speeds and performance in business
  • Free SSL certificates are included with all plans
  • Free migration is offered as well. With all plans
  • It also offers team management. Most hosting providers do not offer this. 
  • Cloudways protect your business with 24/7 real-time monitoring
  • A lot of advanced features are offered, including developer-friendly features
  • Install unlimited apps 
  • Highly secure with a dedicated firewall
  • Auto healing feature is also available
  • Cloudflare add-on included. No other hosting provider offers this one.
  • They also offer a dedicated staging environment.
  • Extremely high-level security with regular security patching
  • Cloudways offer 24/7/365 premium customer support
  • Multiple 1-click features are also available
  • NVMe Based servers. Very few providers offer these.
  • More than 65 datacenters across the world.

Cloudways Cons

Cloudways is no doubt the best hosting provider, but it is expensive. But I can assure you it is completely worth its price. Also, Cloudways has a lot of features, making it confusing for extreme beginners. However, the interface is appealing, and their customer support is there to help, so you will learn soon. Once you do, you can take the maximum benefit of Cloudways. 

Still, need to be sure about Cloudways? Read out our Cloudways Review, and you will know how Cloudways is the best hosting provider in the hosting business.

Some Other Notable Mentions

You might be wondering why this list needs a lot of really good hosts. Here are the reasons why I haven’t mentioned them above –

Almost all of them are doing great, but their better alternatives are the ones mentioned above in this article. You can choose these if you are looking for a host change because you want to avoid the renewal charges of your current host.

Most have at least one serious issue that cannot be overlooked.

Here is the list of some of the hosting providers which I haven’t included and the reasons why –

  • A2Hosting – Bad UI: 

A2Hosting has a really bad user interface. It has stacked itself with a lot of completely unnecessary features. They have a long list of features on their pricing page. But the catch is most of them are third-party open-source, and free. If they are free, then what is the point of including them there? Then they have ridiculously high renewal rates. GreenGeeks is a way better alternative to A2Hosting. Also, A2Hosting only has 4+ server locations, even though it is costly. Even Hostinger being so affordable, has 8+ server locations. 

  • GoDaddy – Basic Security at Very High Additional Charges:

GoDaddy is one of the best hosting providers in the business, but certain things about GoDaddy make it one of the worst hosting providers. GoDaddy allows you to host a select number of websites even in their extremely costly plans. More importantly, GoDaddy’s security is a joke if you just buy their hosting plans. For complete security, which other hosting providers include in their hosting plans, GoDaddy asks for additional charges for their security. And guess what? The prices of these security suites are double that of the hosting itself and allow security for only 1 website. All this makes Cloudways a way better alternative to GoDaddy. 

  • DreamHost – Coverage Limited To the US:

 From the outside, DreamHost looks like the perfect host offering multiple features at affordable prices. However, when digging deep, you find ‘the poo’. They only have 2 server locations, both in the US. The other problem is security. They do not offer that properly. You need to pay extra for that. A better alternative to DreamHost is Hostinger or GreenGeeks. 

  • Bluehost – Very High Renewal Charges:

Their web hosting is good but could be better than Hostinger. Also, Hostinger is much more affordable. You might feel like Bluehost is affordable, too, based on Bluehost’s introductory pricing, but the renewal pricing of Bluehost is ridiculously high. Both Bluehost and Hostinger have extremely similar features. So why not go for the better affordable one – Hostinger? 

  • IONOS – Lacks Basic Features That Needs To Be Purchased Separately:

They have the cheapest initial web hosting prices starting from $1 per month, but recurring charges go up to $10 per month for the same plan. IONOS also needs some basic features you may have to buy, making it more expensive than other hosts. All these make Hostinger and all others a better alternative to IONOS. 

  • InMotion Hosting – Coverage Limited to the US:

InMotion Hosting is a really good host. The only big issue with InMotion hosting was its limited number of datacenters, making it slow. Also, InMotion has ridiculously high upselling and is not a reliable hosting provider.  

  • Siteground – Costly & Still LAcks Some Basic Features:

It offers very low web space at extremely high prices and also does not offer a free domain. All 3 hosts in this list had a Unique Selling Point (USP); there is not any for Siteground except because they are eco-friendly. Even if I had to recommend something in green hosting, I recommend GreenGeeks over SiteGround.

  • AccuWeb – Bad UI:

This one is good, but its UI is the worst I have ever seen. Also, AccuWeb offers limited bandwidth and RAM. It’s not a bad option for those having low traffic on their website(s), but you are not getting your money’s worth. Also, I would rather choose some of the costliest Hostinger plans rather than Accuweb’s cheap plans.

  • HostPapa – Performance Issues:

This one has issues with server locations and performance. Both In quality and price, Hostinger is a much better alternative to Hostpapa. Like Siteground, one good USP of HostPapa is that it offers green hosting, but again, if you are looking for green hosting, go for GreenGeeks.

Countless more hosts did not cut because of similar reasons. I can’t mention them all here, but I hope you now know why I didn’t include them.   

What To Look For in a Good Web Hosting Provider? – How Did We Select the Top 3 Web Hosting Platforms?

Hostinger Vs. Cloudways Vs. GreenGeeks - Comparison based on multiple features

Buying a host is the first thing while taking your business online. It’s your first step; for most businesses, it’s the least you are concerned about. You have to worry about a lot more related to your business.

  • Uptime Guarantee: 

Where will you get time for your business if you are stuck waiting for your site to come back on? Who will pay for your losses during the downtime? – That is why look for a host with good uptime. Look for an uptime guarantee of at least 99.80%. Anything below this is not worth it. All 3 hosting providers mentioned in this article have an uptime guarantee of at least 99.90%.

  • Customer Support: 

Where will you get time for your business if you are stuck arguing on the phone with customer support over an issue for days, or even worse, there is no call support, and you are just waiting for a reply on your email accounts or a stupid customer service ticket? – That is why look for a host with good customer support. A good host must have at least the following –

  • Extensive knowledgebase
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • 24/7 email support.

DO NOT SETTLE FOR ANYTHING LESS. Phone call supports are a luxury. It’s good if you get them. Just know you must solve your query in at least 30 minutes, whether solved by their knowledgebase, live chat support, or account manager. GreenGeeks and Cloudways both offer call support, but Hostinger only offers chat support.

  • Backups: 

Where will you get time for your business if you are stuck backing up all your data manually daily? – That is why look for a host that offers regular backups. A good host must offer at least weekly backups. If you have multiple sites and upload daily, I recommend daily backups. Some hosts also provide on-demand backups. GreenGeeks offers daily backups; in Cloudways, you can set a frequency per your needs in one click, and Hostinger offers weekly backups. 

  • Servers Quality & Performance: 

Time is one of many things you’ll lose with a bad choice of host. Has that ever occurred to you that you tried to open a website that took forever to load, and hence you just moved back and went for another site? Well, if your host is using bad quality servers or due to some other issues with their performance which I will not get into depth off), you may have that problem. 

According to a study by Portent, a page load time of 1-4 seconds is acceptable. And most high-ranking websites have a maximum load time of 2 seconds. Make sure your host provides good performance. Cloudways is the best, and GreenGeeks is a close second. Hostinger needs to catch up and is only recommended for low-traffic websites. 

  • Server Locations: 

To ensure that your page load time is good, you must ensure that the host has server locations across the globe or at least in the regions near your maximum target audience. GreenGeeks has 4+ server locations, Hostinger has 8+, and Cloudways has 65+. Note that cloudways has so many servers because it is Cloud-based, unlike others. 

  • Advanced Features: 

Another important requirement is the availability of basic and advanced features. While most hosts offer basic features, many must add some advanced required features. I won’t get into the depth of advanced features required. You can check them out on the official websites of all these providers or just refer to our articles of these hosting providers individually, or simply consult us for free. GreenGeeks offers 150+ free apps and a lot more. Hostinger is for beginners, so it has a few advanced features, but still, it has everything a beginner may need and more. 

  • Money-Back Guarantee: 

Every host must offer a money-back guarantee because everyone else is offering it. I don’t believe in money-back guarantees in the hosting business. If you choose the wrong host, you will not realize it in the first few months. 

That is why I am writing this article, and at Nachiketan, we offer FREE CONSULTANCY. We make sure you don’t get any surprises. All three hosts mentioned in this article offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you choose their 1-year plan or more. Some additional stuff, like domain and SSL certificates, may not be refundable. You must know that some hosting providers offer longer money-back guarantees, but they are not worth it.  

  • Pricing Plans & Coupon Codes: 

One more but very obvious one is pricing. Of course, your hosting provider should be affordable for you; that is why I do not recommend Cloudways to beginners. It is too damn costly for someone who has just begun. Hostinger is just fine for anyone starting and looking for an affordable option. 

Note – NEVER, I repeat, NEVER purchase a product directly from the website without a coupon code. If you cannot find one, just come to us, and we will try our best to find you a coupon code. There is always a high chance that the website needs to give away coupon codes to regular customers, but their affiliates can help you with that. Just fill out this form or drop us a mail at, and we will take care of the rest.

  • Storage: 

What if you run out of space? That is why look for storage space and storage disks. 3 to 5 GB of space is considered to be good enough for a single website. For high-traffic and data-keeping sites, make it 10 GB or more. Most premium hosting providers have switched to NVMe SSDs which are the fastest and more efficient. 

  • Ease of Use: 

How will you feel if you paid for the entire year and you or someone from your team needs to get a hold of the platform? What if you need help understanding the UI and need clarification? That is why it is important to choose a hosting provider which is easy to use, too, especially if you need more knowledge and experience in hosting or are not a developer. 

In this list, Hostinger’s hPanel is the easiest to use, without a doubt. GreenGeeks is not bad either. Cloudways UI is good, but it has a lot of features. You will need some time to understand these terminologies, but Cloudways is easy to use. 

  • Security: 

I saved the most important one for the last. According to Embroker, 66% of online businesses have experienced at least one cyberattack in the last 12 months. This means, out of every 3 websites, 2 got attacked at least once in the past year.

Let me state this clearly for you, and chances are YOU WILL TOO, at some point. It doesn’t matter what host you choose; not even the best businesses, like Google get hacked. Even if you use the most secure host in business, Cloudways, you may still get hacked. Although, the frequency at which you get attacked will drastically vary depending on your host and for how long you will be able to access your site back, that too.

It all depends on how good of a fight you give to your attacker. I know you won’t be able to fight, but if you have a secure host, they will for you. You can trust Cloudways for it. GreenGeeks also offers great security, without a doubt. Hostinger needs to catch up, but it is still good enough for beginners. Surprisingly, Hostinger has almost all the basic security features required.

So, under no circumstances, if your online business is important to you, DO NOT COMPROMISE YOUR SECURITY.

There are a lot more factors that I considered before making this list. I want you to avoid getting into them because if you have to dig deep, then what’s the point of me even writing this?

Final Verdict – Which Hosting Provider Is The Best?             

Here is a comparison of the basic stuff offered by all these hosting providers. I have also recommended which plans you should choose. Just go through it before making a decision. 

Let me summarize everything for you.

Hostinger is only recommended for beginners. If this is your first time looking for a host, if this is your first website, and if you know the traffic on your website is going to be low, then Hostinger is the best option for you. You don’t have to look any further. 

GreenGeeks is best for you if your website has high traffic or you are unsatisfied with your current host’s speed and performance. GreenGeeks is like a better version of Hostinger. Once you are past the beginner stage and need better performance, you can switch to GreenGeeks. 

The only reason not to choose Cloudways is that it is costly. The only thing is, like other hosting providers. Otherwise, Cloudways is unmatchable when it comes to hosting providers. You can compare it with anyone and see the same results. 

Still, Confused? Didn’t find what you were looking for? I understand. We at Nachiketan can help you out. Just fill out this form or mail us at with your business requirements, and we will get back to you in no time. Note that this is completely FREE CONSULTANCY. We do not charge you anything. What’s the harm in dropping a message, right?

Here are some of the questions that you may want an answer to.

Best Hosting Providers (Shared Web Hosting Service) FAQs

  • What is Hosting & What Do You Mean by Web Hosting?

Are you looking forward to publishing your website, eCommerce store, blog, channel, etc., on the internet? You will need a web host, which we call a web hosting provider.  Web hosting providers keep servers, databases, and a lot more with them to let users like you and me put our websites on the internet.

  • What is Shared Web Hosting?

A single web server hosts multiple clients like you and me in a shared hosting service. One web server can be more than enough for just a single client. That is why we have a concept of shared hosting service, where a single web server can host multiple websites of different clients from all across the world. Shared Web Hosting is the most affordable hosting type of all.

  • What Are The Different Types of Hosting & Their Comparisons?

Aside from Shared Web Hosting (as mentioned above), some basic ones are –

  • Dedicated Web Hosting – Here, only one dedicated server is used for a particular client’s needs. It gives much better performance as compared to Shared Web Hosting but is quite costly as well. Also, it is of no use to small website owners.
  • Virtual Private Servers (VPS) – This one is a little complicated to understand, but in simple words, it divides server resources into multiple virtual servers. It mimics dedicated server environments within a shared server. A VPS server is in high demand because it provides better performance, security, and reliability than a shared server and a lower cost than a dedicated server.
  • Cloud Hosting – This is relatively new in the market and is considered much more reliable than all the other hosting types. However, it is the costliest of all. 
  • Managed Hosting – In this case, the hosting provider will take some load off you. You wouldn’t have to stress over many server-related issues and changes. Your web host will do that for you.
  • Reseller Web Hosting – Looking forward to being a web host yourself? Then Reseller Web Hosting is for you. You can get servers on rent and resell them as per your prices.

There are a lot more types, but these were the major ones.

  • Why Choose Shared Web Hosting?

Here are two major reasons to choose shared web hosting as compared to other hosting types –

  • Professionally managed: You don’t have to worry much about security, outages, maintenance, etc. It’s your host’s headache. Not Yours.
  • Highly affordable: Shared hosting is the most affordable type of hosting you can get. As of today, there is no affordable alternative to shared web hosting.
  • Who is Shared Web Hosting Recommended For?

Shared Web Hosting is for bloggers, small businesses, startups, agencies, etc. If you are just starting, then shared web hosting is for you. You don’t need very high-cost servers. You can just share one with other users.

  • Should I choose web hosting if I have a WordPress site?

If you have a WordPress site, you should choose WordPress hosting rather than web hosting. Need help with choosing? Fill out this form or contact us at our mail id for a FREE CONSULTANCY. 

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