Hostinger Review – Most Beginner-Friendly & Affordable Host

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Hostinger was founded in the year 2004 by the name of Hosting Media and was rebranded to Hostinger in 2011. It’s been 18 years, and since then, Hostinger has been entrusted by many companies and individuals. And frankly, it deserves it all. This Hostinger Review will look at Hostinger Shared Web Hosting in detail.

One thing very few people know about Hostinger is that it is available in a lot of countries. Here are all the countries Hostinger is available in.

Screenshot from the official website of Hostinger showing the countries Hostinger is available in.

Incredible, isn’t it?

Hostinger is popular for two reasons –

  • First is for being one of the MOST AFFORDABLE HOSTS in terms of pricing, and
  • Second is for being the MOST BEGINNER-FRIENDLY HOST of all time.

In this article, i will take you to the depths of Hostinger. It’s a long ride but a worthy one. In case you just want us to help you choose the ideal hosting provider for your business, just fill out this form or mail us at with your business requirements, and we will do it for you for FREE. Yes, you heard it right, we at Nachiketan offer FREE CONSULTANCY.

Hostinger Review – Overview

Here is all the content you will find in my Hostinger Review. Please feel free to jump around to the section of your choice.

Hostinger Review (Shared Web Hosting)  - Server locations, pros, cons, and our ratings.

Hostinger Ease of Use – How is Hostinger the Best For Beginners?

Being the best In the market, it is highly known for being the host easiest to use. Here are some of the features that make them the easiest to use in the market –

Hostinger has the best UI. They are the easiest to use. They are the most organized even though they offer all the required important features. All major things you will need regularly are one click away and self-explanatory.

Let us see some of Hostinger’s features that make it the beginner-friendly hosting provider –

Hostinger Knowledge base & blogs:

They have more than 1,110 articles on their knowledge base right now.  Isn’t it incredible? If you ever get stuck, these will always help you.

As you can see in the screenshot below, they have articles in 8 languages.

Screenshot from Hostinger's official website showing Hostinger's knowledge base and blogs explaining how Hostinger offers customer support in 8 languages.

Don’t prefer reading? The next one is for you.

Hostinger Academy:

 This is a series of YouTube channels.

Screenshot from Hostinger's official YouTube channel showing Hostinger Academy

You can see they have channels, and hence videos in 8 languages again as of now. Hostinger Academy Youtube Channel has more than 119K subscribers. That’s a huge number.

Screenshot from Hostinger's official YouTube channel showing Hostinger Academy's videos

You can check out their so many detailed videos in your language and learn.

Hostinger Tutorials:

You will also find a lot of Hostinger video tutorials here. They practically have videos for whatever you need. These tutorials have all the basic information mostly.

Screenshot from Hostinger's official websitel showing Hostinger Tutorials.

Aside from these, Hostinger is so popular that many individual channels make tutorial videos for using Hostinger. You can take their help as well.

Hostinger Customer Support – How Good is Hostinger Customer Support? 

They offer 24/7 live chat customer support.

Almost everything you may need is in their tutorials or articles. However, it may be hard for some to find the right tutorial or article they are looking for. That’s when their BEGINNER-FRIENDLY CUSTOMER SUPPORT TEAM will help you.

Some think Hostinger’s customer support is not up to the mark because they do not offer call support. Most people don’t realize that chat support is much better than call support (in some cases). When you call, most hosting providers will make you wait on the call until they find a representative for you, listen to your problem, and then again make you wait until they find a solution to your problem. Insane right?

On the other hand, with chat support, all you have to do is drop your query and start working on something else, they will reply soon, and you can continue with your work again. Hostinger’s customer support is really fast as well.

Even in case there is some issue you don’t find a solution to in their tutorials or articles, Hostinger’s customer support team will help you out.

However, I use Hostinger myself for hosting this very website. I have made the following observations about their customer support –

For most of your queries, they will send you an article or link to solve your issue.

Your issue, in most cases, will be solved within 20 minutes maximum. However, their support becomes a little slower and slightly unprofessional during non-working hours. However, this varies from region to region.

In cases of difficult technical problems During non-working hours, they may ask you to submit a ticket. This is something I didn’t like because this is slow.

I would say contacting them during office hours is the best. Otherwise, you might have to wait a little longer.

But overall, I LIKED HOSTINGER’S CUSTOMER SERVICE considering their affordable pricing plans. They solve your problem sooner or later.

Hostinger Review – Speed, Performance, & Uptime

Hostinger’s response time is as low as 11 to 275 ms. They use LiteSpeed servers, considered the best in the business. Also, their servers are being operated on CloudLinux, a leading OS hosting provider, not to mention highly secure. Also, their servers are fully SSD.

Hostinger’s speed is quite great for beginners. But as said, the speeds are great for beginners only. Hostinger’s speed and performance are good for new websites or online stores. In some cases, you might have to give some time to decrease your page load time by taking the help of tutorials, blogs, and customer support. But this is the same for every unmanaged hosting provider. You might have to spend some hours on this to optimize your website.

Thankfully, Hostinger really helps a lot during this process with its blogs, videos, customer support, and freebie plugins it offers.

In case you do, Hostigner offers many LiteSpeed plugins and other features that can help you increase your site speed. However, make sure you contact them when you do so. They will guide you better and offer you the best solutions.

For beginners, their speed and performance are good enough. For high-traffic websites, you might have to switch to premium hosting providers like Cloudways or GreenGeeks. However, they are much more costly.

Hostinger offers an uptime guarantee of as high as 99.90%. That is certainly not the best in the market, but it’s still highly competitive and great. You can count on Hostinger. It is reliable. If Hostinger fails to meet this requirement, they will give you 5% of that month’s fee back in credits. All hosting providers do more or less the same.

Services Offered by Hostinger – What Does Hostinger Offer?

Here are the different types of hostings provided by Hostinger –

Hostinger Review - 6 Types of Hostings by Hostinger

As mentioned before, Hostinger has the following Unique Selling Points that make it one of the best hosting providers –

  • Being the most beginner-friendly
  • Being the most affordable

Both these points stand true for all these hosting types of Hostinger.

Hostinger Shared Web Hosting: 

For most users, Hostinger is a perfect host (especially for beginners) for shared web hosting. Hostinger has everything you may need to start your online business. Hostinger is also the most affordable host you can ask for. We are already discussing Hostinger Shared Web Hosting in this review in depth.

Hostinger’s Managed WordPress Hosting:

Their first three pricing plans are almost identical to the Hostinger Shared Hosting Plans for this one. Hostinger has a fourth different plan called Hostinger WordPress Pro. If you need more websites or better performance, you can always choose this new one.

Hostinger Dedicated / VPS Hosting: 

When it comes to dedicated hosting, Hostinger is the most affordable. It is so affordable that you can take dedicated servers at as low a price as shared web hosting. This is beyond impressive. If you have a small business that needs basic security and doesn’t like sharing, just go for Hostinger’s VPS / Dedicated Hosting.

Hostinger Cloud Hosting: 

Cloud hosting is considered incredibly expensive, but Hostinger makes it affordable. You can host up to 300 websites, and you get daily backups. I love how Hostinger makes everything affordable. 

Hostinger Minecraft Server Hosting: 

How often do you see reputed hosting providers offering Minecraft servers? You don’t. But Hostinger is an exception. They offer the best in the market Minecraft servers at affordable rates.

Hostinger Reseller Hosting: 

Hostinger’s reseller hosting plans includes Hostinger’s Business Web Hosting Plans, their Cloud Startup, and Cloud Professional Plans. They include everything you may need for reseller hosting; frankly, it’s great. If you are handling beginner clients, this is perfect.

Hostinger’s Google Workspace Email Hosting: 

I found this one pretty cool. Want to look professional? Just get this one for an additional 6 bucks a month. Considering Hostinger’s other plans, this is slightly high, but it is worth it. If you don’t look professional, you don’t look good. Do you know why? Because these days, everyone uses this basic stuff.

Titan Email Hosting: 

Since I am a user of Hostinger Hosting myself, I am also using Titan included free with their plan. They do have some pretty cool features if I upgrade. And this is extremely affordable, so if Google Workspace Email Hosting isn’t affordable for you, you can go for this one.

Not just hosting, Hostinger also offers something else. 

Hostinger Website Builder: 

Yes, they also have a website builder. Although I made my website using WordPress, being a curious mind, I tried out Hostinger’s Website Builder too. In the past, I have tried some website builders like Wix and more. I have to say; I found Hostinger’s Website Builder extremely easy to use and quite feature-rich. 

Their customer support team knows their way around their builder so that they can help you. However, I wouldn’t recommend someone who needs to make a website and need advanced features (without coding knowledge). Hostinger is still working on their builder. Give them some time, and let them make some cool updates.

Just keep in mind, if you have to make changes or post articles on your website at least once a week or more, don’t go for their builder. If you just have to make a simple website, just important one of their premium themes, make changes, and you will have a site ready in a matter of minutes.

Note: As good as everything above sounds good, you must note that HOSTINGER IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR HIGH TRAFFIC WEBSITES. If you are a developer or have high-traffic websites, you must go for GreenGeeks, or if you are an agency or have a big business, just go for Cloudways. 

If you need hosting for an enterprise or a big business, go for Cloudways. Hostinger is affordable, but it’s only suitable for beginners.

I do not have dedicated articles for all of Hostinger’s different types of hostings because it will repeatedly have more and less the same information.

That is why, you can just contact Nachiketan directly by filling out this form if you need FREE CONSULTANCY for any of these hosting types. You can also just mail us at

Hostinger Pricing Plans – How Much Does Hostinger Cost?

Hostinger Shared Web Hosting Pricing Plans –

Screenshot from Hostinger's official website showing Hostinger's Web Hosting Pricing Plans

Now, there is something I don’t like about all hosting platforms in general, which is they charge more for renewal. But the problem of high renewal charges is not just with Hostinger but almost all hosts. This can be avoided by migrating your website to some other platform.

But, once you set up camp on one hosting platform, you may not want to work on the hassle of migrating your website(s) to another one. Also, there are multiple problems associated with migrating your websites which you would want to avoid.

Here is an article by HubSpot that explains how to migrate your website safely. If you are migrating, make sure you follow these steps.

That is why here I have mentioned both regular and renewal prices. Even though Hostinger’s renewal charges are high, they are still comparatively better than its competitors. Even after renewal, Hostinger remains the most affordable hosting provider.

Hostinger Shared Web Hosting Pricing Plans introductory and renewal pricing

Note that additional taxes may be levied on some countries. There is no taxes or fee for the US. 20% VAT will be levied on UK customers. 18% on Indian customers, etc. For this review, I am excluding VAT.

Now, I strongly do not recommend going for a 1-month plan.  

The one-month plan is extremely costly, and you will also have to pay a setup fee. Aside from that, none of the 1-month plans includes a free domain.

If you are using Hostinger for the first time, I recommend purchasing the 12-month plan. I would recommend you buy the 12-month plan, use Hostinger as much as you can for 25 days, and on the 26th day, if you don’t feel like Hostinger is right for you, just apply for a refund.

You can also go for the 24-month or 48-month plan if you are sure about Hostinger.  

Hostinger Shared Web Hosting Pricing Plans comparison for Single, Premium and Business web hosting

Another thing very few people know about is Hostinger also owns 000WebHost. And they offer a free plan for 000WebHost as well.

I highly do not recommend this plan, but it’s good to know there is something if you just want an online presence for life and nothing more.

They also offer a 10% student discount.

Payment Methods & Money Back Guarantee

Here are the payment methods accepted by Hostinger –

  • Debit and Credit Cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and more.
  • eWallets, including PayPal, Apple Pay, Gpay, and more.
  • Cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a lot more.

Get Hostinger Today!

Hostinger Refund Policy – What is Hostinger’s Refund Policy?

Hostinger is highly reliable. I have thoroughly checked the Hostinger Refund Policy and found it to be pretty reasonable. You can always make use of their 30-day money-back guarantee. However, I strongly recommend applying for a refund at 25 days rather than waiting until the very last day.

However, the refund policy is still something I highly recommend everyone check. Check it on their official website, but here are the highlights.

First off, payments made from digital assets, tokens, or cryptocurrencies are strictly non-refundable.

Here is a table showing refundable and non-refundable Hostinger products –

HostingVPS License
Linux, Minecraft, and Windows VPSGoogle Workspace Email
NordVPN (6–12-month plans)SEO Marketing Panel
Priority SupportSEO Toolkit
Titan and Hostinger EmailPrivacy Protection
Cloudflare and daily backupsDomain Name Renewals
SSL certificatesRedemption Fees

Hostinger Servers & Server Locations – Where Are Hostinger’s Servers Located?

Hostinger's 8 datacenter or  locations on the world map with the regions they are covering

As you can see above, they offer 8 datacenter locations. They have recently added a datacenter in Mumbai, India as well. You will see they have covered all major locations here.

Even 4 datacenter locations, including North America, South America, Europe, and Singapore, are enough in my view. But the more, the better. They have 8 covering all these regions. So I would say they are doing pretty well compared to other hosting providers.

A Little About Hostinger – What You Need To Know

Hostinger isn’t all perfect. Recently, they had an incident of a data breach. In 2019, Hostinger had a data breach that affected more than 14 million users. However, this is not new; almost all big companies get hacked sometimes.

However, Hostinger did improve its security. They released an article explaining the breach and how Hostinger increased security measures so they would avoid such breaches in the future. Also, this wasn’t the first time Hostinger was breached. This was the 2nd incident.

Aside from this, Hostinger was known to write fake user reviews on Trustpilot and other websites. This sparked controversy on a Facebook group and Reddit as well. The thing is, writing fake reviews is something ALMOST every online business does. It’s just that Hostinger got caught.

If you own a huge business and want to ensure a data breach doesn’t affect you, I recommend you go for Cloudways rather than Hostinger. It will be too much costlier, but Cloudways offers the best security for all hosting providers. 

When it comes to fake reviews, I do not recommend reading user reviews of any online business at all. Most of them are fake or bot written. The whole reason for writing this review was to get an expert opinion, not some fake bot-written one who is just talking to you about the platform’s pros.

Hostinger Features & Benefits – Why Choose Hostinger? 

Here I am sharing some of the most important features of Hostinger –

  1. Upto 100 websites & 100 Subdomains: 

Some people consider this a con because most other hosts offer unlimited websites and subdomains. At the same time, Hostinger has a limit of 100. However, it’s not too bad, either. 100 is a high number for websites.   

  1. Up to 200 GB SSD: 

Compared to other hosting providers, this storage is good enough. I can say one of the best in the market at these prices. Plus, it’s pretty good since it’s SSD and not HDD. Some premium hosts have started using NVMe SSD, which is faster. But they are needed more for high-traffic websites. I hope Hostinger will switch to NVMe SSD soon.

  1. Unlimited Bandwidth: 

Since the bandwidth is unlimited, you don’t have to worry about paying extra if you run out. However, there is a recommended monthly limit on the number of viewers on your website. Being a beginner, chances are you won’t be crossing these limits.

  1. Unlimited Free SSL Certificates: 

Most other hosting platforms only offer 1 SSL for one year. However, Hostinger offers unlimited of these for your websites. Depending on the host, one SSL can cost you around $10 a year. You’re saving a lot.

  1. Daily or Weekly Backups: 

Backups are extremely important for any website. All hosting providers offer this, and so does Hostinger. You do not want to lose your work, do you? Most hosts offer daily backups. Hostinger offers weekly on their web hosting plans and daily on their professional web hosting plans.

  1. WordPress Options: 

As a beginner, you probably use WordPress only for your website. So, you will need these options.

Here are the WordPress options you get –

  • Managed WordPress – Most of the stuff you need on WordPress is always set up for you by them. It’s easy to install as well. Most of it is just 1-click away.
  • WordPress Acceleration – This helps increase the speed of your WordPress website, provides better security, and enhances reliability.
  • WordPress Staging – This is available on their Business Plan only. This tool has proven to be highly important for me. WordPress staging allows you to test changes on your website. This does not change anything on your live website. They just make a test site for you.
  1. 30-day money-back guarantees: 

Almost all hosting providers offer at least a 30-day money-back guarantee, including Hostinger. However, they may charge you for domains, SSL, and other things, so look into their refund policy first and then decide.

  1. 99.90% Uptime Guarantee: 

Their uptime guarantee is pretty great. If Hostinger fails to meet this, you can contact them and get a 5% credit on your monthly hosting fee for that particular month. However, this does not usually happen. That is why they are so confident and guarantee it. There are some extremely reputed hosting providers out there, like Bluehost, who do not offer an uptime guarantee at all.

  1. 24/7 Live Chat Support: 

As explained earlier, Hostinger’s customer support is great, and they help you with your problems quickly. They also have multiple resources like blogs, Hostinger Academy, Tutorials, etc. can be used.

  1. 1-year Free Domain: 

Most hosts provide this. You get a domain name for free for the first year. Note that you will also have to pay a fee for the domain every year.

GIT & SSH Access:

  • GIT – This allows developers to interact with a given codebase.
  • SSH – Or Secure Shell allows two computers to communicate and share data.
  1.  8 Global Datacentres: 

We have discussed this earlier. They have 8 datacenters spread across the world. Because of these high-speed datacenters, Hostinger offers fast speeds as well. Most other hosts do not have so many datacenters spread across multiple locations.

Now we will look at some advanced features. Note that being beginners, you might not need these, but I recommend making the best use of them as they, in some way or another, can help.

Here they are –

  • LiteSpeed Servers: They are considered the best. They are fast and efficient and do not compromise server security.
  • Cloudflare Protected Nameservers: This protects you from DDoS attacks and helps reduce the load by caching DNS responses.
  • Unlimited Cronjobs: This helps you schedule when a particular task should run beforehand. This can help you automate your work.
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts: FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It helps you transfer files between your local workstation server and a server through an FTP client.
  • DNS Management: DNS stands for Domain Name System. This helps you manage your DNS records.
  • Hotlink Protection: This helps prevent images uploaded on your website from being used by other sites and helps reduce the use of your bandwidth.
  • Cache Manager: It helps with memory manager to provide data caching for all file system drivers.
  • Multiple PHP Versions: This is extremely helpful for coders working on your website.

How is Hostinger Compared to its Competitors?

  1. Hostinger Vs. GoDaddy:
Hostinger Vs. GoDaddy Comparison based on pricing, features, etc.

Note that Hostinger has Agency Pricing, and GoDaddy has Web Hosting Plus Pricing. Both of these are excluded from the above infographic.

Here are the reasons why I recommend Hostinger over GoDaddy –

  • Hostinger is affordable as compared to GoDaddy.
  • Hostinger allows to host up to 100 websites right from its 2nd plan, while GoDaddy allows 1 website in its 1st and 2nd plan, 10 websites in 3rd, and 25 in its 4th plan.
  • Hostinger offers free migration, while GoDaddy does not.

Here are some of the reasons why I do not recommend GoDaddy to anyone – 

  • Very few websites are allowed to host.
  • Extremely high pricing plans
  • Childish security included with hosting. For a good one, they charge a ridiculously high price. 
  • You can get way more advanced features at GreenGeeks as compared to GoDaddy. 

I strongly do not recommend GoDaddy to anyone. 

  1. Hostinger Vs. GreenGeeks:
Hostinger Vs. GreenGeeks Comparison based on pricing, features, etc.

Here are the reasons why I recommend Hostinger over GreenGeeks –

  • Hostinger is more affordable than GreenGeeks.
  • GreenGeeks’s renewal charges are very high, especially as compared to Hostinger.
  • Hostinger has 8+ server locations, while GreenGeeks has 3+ server locations. 
  • Hostinger is more beginner-friendly as compared to GreenGeeks.

Here are the reasons why I recommend GreenGeeks over Hostinger –

  • Eco-friendly servers, plant one tree per subscriber, and match a 300% green energy. They produce three times more energy through renewable resources than they use.
  • GreenGeeks is more developer-friendly as compared to Hostinger. 
  • GreenGeeks is way better in security, and performance as compared to Hostinger. 

GreenGeeks is one of the best hosting providers out there. It has everything that you may need in one place at an affordable rate. It is a premium host and unlike Hostinger, it is recommended for high-traffic websites. 

  1. Hostinger Vs. Hostgator: 
Hostinger Vs. HostGator Comparison based on pricing, features, etc.

Hostgator is one of the best Hostinger competitors. Here are the reasons why I recommend Hostinger over Hostgator –

  • Hostinger is much more affordable as compared to Hostgator.
  • Hostgator’s renewal prices are extremely high, while Hostinger’s renewal prices are pretty reasonable.
  • Hostinger is way easier to use as compared to Hostgator. The new hPanel is more convenient than the traditional cPanel or control panel.
  • Hostinger includes all the necessary security features in their plans, while for the same in Hostgator, you will have to buy add-ons.
  • You will experience expert customer support at Hostinger. You may find issues with Hostgator customer support.
  • The number of datacenters at Hostinger is 8+, while that of Hostgator is 2+.
  1. Hostinger Vs. Bluehost: 
Hostinger Vs. Bluehost Comparison based on pricing, features, etc.

Bluehost is considered to be a very tough competitor to Hostinger. But here are the reasons why I recommend Hostinger over Bluehost –

  • Hostinger is more affordable than Bluehost.
  • The renewal rates of Bluehost are high, especially as compared to Hostinger.
  • The speed of Hostinger is much better compared to Bluehost.
  • Hostinger offers weekly backups in all plans, while Bluehost does not.
  • Hostinger has 8+ server locations, while Bluehost has 4+.
  • Hostinger offers a 99.90% uptime guarantee, whereas Bluehost makes no such commitment.

Bluehost’s Basic and Plus Plans are highly not recommended for most users because they are a little costlier than Hostinger and do not include all the necessary features as Hostinger does. 

However, Bluehost’s Choice Plus and Pro Plans have some great features that Hostinger lacks, like custom themes, free dedicated IP, Google/Bing Ads credits, etc. However, these plans are very costly, and they become extremely costly after renewal. 

If you are looking for a host with more premium features like these, I would recommend going for Cloudways or GreenGeeks rather than Bluehost. 

  1. Hostinger Vs. A2Hosting:
Hostinger Vs. A2Hosting Comparison based on pricing, features, etc.

Here are the reasons I recommend using Hostinger over A2Hosting – 

  • Hostinger is way easier to use than A2Hosting.
  • Hostinger is much more affordable as compared to A2Hosting.

These are the only two, but these are biggies.

According to ColorLib,  almost 43% of the websites on the internet are made through WordPress. The figure is somewhat 810 million websites. Most of these users do not know much about coding or are not used to working with complicated cPanels like that of A2Hosting.

In case you have a high-traffic website, go for GreenGeeks or cloudways rather than A2Hosting. They both are way better alternatives to A2Hosting. 

  1. Hostinger Vs. DreamHost:
Hostinger Vs. DreamHost Comparison based on pricing, features, etc.

Here are the reasons I recommend Hostinger over DreamHost – 

  • Hostinger is easier to use than DreamHost.
  • Hostinger is more affordable as compared to DreamHost.
  • Hostinger is 8+ server locations, while DreamHost has 2+ server locations.
  • DreamHost lacks a lot of essential advanced features that Hostinger has.
  • The speed and performance of Hostinger are way better than DreamHost.

Who is DreamHost For?

I would recommend DreamHost to anyone unsure about doing an online business. You can start hosting with DreamHost and see if you want to continue with your website for 90 days; if you want to quit, just ask for your money back. 

They will return most of it, keeping the domain, SSL, and other charges. But make sure you read DreamHost’s refund policy before pulling something like this.  

Conclusion – Do I Recommend Hostinger?

YES, I DO RECOMMEND HOSTINGER. Hostinger is the market’s most affordable and beginner-friendly hosting platform.  If you are new in the industry, Hostinger is for you. I always recommend Hostinger to be your first host. For most users, Hostinger can be perfect as your one and only host throughout your life for all your websites.

However, if you need better performance, you can always switch to hosting platforms like Cloudways and GreenGeeks, which are better than Hostinger but also expensive. Note that they have pros and cons of their own. Check out my review for both of them before making a decision. But if you are a beginner, you can go for Hostinger without a doubt.

Get Hostinger Today!

Need more to make a decision? Here are some of our articles that can help you reach at one.

GreenGeeks Review – Most Developer-Friendly Hosting Provider & Most Eco-Friendly Too, Best Recommended for High Traffic Websites

Cloudways Review – Best Overall – Most Recommended for Big Businesses & Huge Corporations With High Traffic Needs

Best Shared Web Hosting Providers – #1 Cloudways, #2 GreenGeeks, #3 Hostinger

Hostinger Hosting (Shared Web Hosting) FAQs

What is Hostinger?

Hostinger is one of the topmost hosting providers founded in the year 2004. Hostinger is considered to be the most beginner-friendly and affordable host. Hostinger’s services are available worldwide with more than 8 datacenter locations across the world. Hostinger also owns Zyro, 000webhost, Niagahoster, and Hosting24.

Who is Hostinger for?

Hostinger is for beginners. If you are new to online businesses, Hostinger is the perfect option for you as it is the easiest to use and the most affordable host out there, and it has all the basic features included. Hostinger is not very much recommended for high-traffic websites looking for the best performance. For those, you can go for Cloudways or GreenGeeks.

What is Hostinger used for?

Hostinger offers different types of hosting, including Shared Web Hosting, VPS (Dedicated) hosting, WordPress Hosting, Cloud Hosting, CyberPanel, Hosting, Minecraft Hosting, Email Hosting, Website Builder, and a lot more. Hostinger also has a free hosting plan that is actually by 000wehost. They also have Professional Web Hosting or Agency Web Hosting.

How to buy hosting from Hostinger?

First, read this review and make sure you want to buy Hostinger. Use this link to get the available discount on Hostinger, choose a plan (or contact us, and we will help you choose one for free), complete the payment, and you are good to go. You will find a lot of resources to help you using Hostinger.

Where are Hostinger servers located?

As of now, Hostinger servers are located in more than 8 locations, including South America, Lithuania, the UK, Netherlands, Singapore, India, and two in North America. Compared to other hosting providers in the business, Hostinger has one of the most numbers of datacenters giving Hostinger great performance. However, the fastest host remains GreenGeeks.

How to contact Hostinger customer care?

What is Hostinger’s support email address, you ask? For any sales-related inquiry, you can contact Hostinger at at this mail ID. For lost access to credentials, you can contact Hostinger at If you are a Hostinger client, you can contact them from Hostinger Dashboard. For further details, you can visit Hostinger’s official website here.

How to use Hostinger?

Hostinger is the easiest to use compared to all other hosts as it uses the newly prepared hPanel, making Hostinger the most beginner-friendly host. The Hostinger Dashboard looks pretty cool and is pretty self-explanatory. You can also take help from Hostinger Academy, tutorials, blogs, customer support, etc., in case you ever get stuck.

How good is Hostinger?

Hostinger is great. Hostinger is the most beginner-friendly and affordable host. For all first-timers, Hostinger is perfect. They also have scale options, which are more affordable than other hosts. Suppose your website starts getting very high traffic, and you find Hostinger inadequate. In that case, you can always go for Cloudways and GreenGeeks, which have better performance but are slightly more expensive than Hostinger.

How much does Hostinger cost?

Hostinger’s Web and WordPress Hosting Plans start from as low as $1.99 per month. This is the lowest in the market. Hostinger’s VPS Hosting Plans start from $3.49 per month, and Hostinger Cloud Hosting starts from $9.99 per month. They also offer Hostinger Minecraft Hosting, which starts from $6.95 per month. 

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